10 Butterfly Garden Design Ideas

A three-story property was built in a cypress forest at a distance of 9 feet (3 m) from an existing house. In the old volume, the only modification was to open one side of the house, at the height of the second story, to install a translucent glass bridge that would connect the two structures. This gave the master bedroom a direct visual connection with the children’s rooms.

The new building, with a metal covering at the ends, offers a greater contrast with the natural environment. Inside, following the same design patterns that characterize the old house, the architects opted for open-plan spaces, boosting the dialogue with the trees and sea.

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Cross section. The cross-sectional view of the new block makes it possible to see how the interior distribution is very simple and rational.

The bridge that joins the original home with the new structure, located at one end of the second story, is completely built in opaque glass.

The building is partially hidden by the trees in order to not spoil the natural environment and offers the inhabitants enough privacy without denying them the stupendous sea views. gle-family residence. To that end, the main work involved reconfiguring the spatial distribution of the floor plan with the aim of building five bedrooms with three bathrooms and a small swimming pool. The architects further supplemented the project by restoring the original elements of greatest value.

The main challenge was to complement the existing structures without affecting the exterior aspect. The use of local materials such as oak and stone, recovered from the area during the excavation and used with a new aesthetic treatment, was paramount in the new work. The partial transparency achieved from the superimposition of the wooden boards is spectacular and becomes the identity mark of the project.

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