10 Cheap Home Design Ideas

The staircase with skylight serves as a bridge between the old and new buildings. The three small skylights make it possible to enjoy natural light throughout the home. Of note is the play of geometrical shapes formed by the staircase and skylight.

A dramatic projecting staircase leads to the master bedroom. It is characterized by the display of structural steel, a fixed handrail also in steel and glass, and a poured concrete floor.

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Floor plan. It clearly shows the existing walls (black) as well as the new ones (gray). The areas most affected by the remodeling work were the kitchen, the stairs, and the new bedroom found at one end of the property.

The owners of this single-family residence in Orange County, California, a couple with four children, had one very simple requirement: they needed more living space. With this in mind, it was agreed that a priority would be to add at least two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a study area.

As well as additional space, the family had a particular interest in making sure the interior and exterior were well connected. The relationship between inside and out is shored up with a design that avoids closed spaces, favoring visual continuity throughout.

Highlights of the new work include the draped ceiling and the contrast between the white walls and the dark tones of the columns and banisters.

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