10 Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

Upstairs on the second floor are bedrooms, and the third floor attic is a game room with a working vintage pinball machine and casual seating for watching television and playing video games. Fun is never too far away in this home!

The bedrooms feature painted furniture and wicker, white painted woodwork, and pale yellow walls consistent with the color palette downstairs.

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DESIGN TIP: Decor need not be expensive to bring personality and life to your vacation home. For example, at far right, a simple strand of beach fence has been attached to the wall, and vacation snapshots of all the people and fun times can be rotated on and off throughout the season.

Tucked in a corner by the staircase is a working pinball machine, and mounted on the wall above the stairs is the brilliant salvaged face of another pinball game.

The living room exudes ease and relaxation with its cushioned furniture, soft colors, and the hint of a floral motif, which appears in the upholstery of the yellow-apricot paired chairs and the painting. The cabinets and shelves on the wall by the stove make it additionally homey, with a scattering of blogs and mementos.

One of the great cottage traditions is that a vacation home takes a backseat to the beautiful location where it is located meaning the focus of the occupants is on the place they are exploring, not on possessions or the lavishness of their home. This cottage in a mid-Atlantic coastal village beautifully embodies the spirit of maintaining cottage simplicity.

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