10 Cottage Garden Design Ideas

With the collaboration of a fine-arts student, a laborious process was carried out that included the use of Photoshop, the Xyladecor wood color range that exists on the market, polyurethane, and a set of cutting tools.

Walls and partitions were built using galvanized profiles from standard plasterboard sheets, replacing them with lighter sheets formed of OSB wood chips.

Floor plan. This floor plan of the penthouse apartment shows the work done on the wooden flooring and the distribution of the bedrooms and bathroom.

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Floor plan. The original floor plan shows a fragmented space which was made bigger with the reform work.

The construction of a swimming pool was the main reason behind the reform of this property that belongs to a theater actress. The design converted the space into an interior courtyard with a vertical layout and the pool in the middle. The incorporation of a 14,125 ft3 (4,305 m3)pool of water heated to 98.6°F (37°C) required an exhaustive study of the heating system and particularly the active participation of the owner, who was aware that her domestic life was going to be very similar to that of someone living on a boat.

The original property lacked natural lighting and was extremely dark inside. To solve this, a number of walls were demolished and the cascading floor opened up toward the south, so that daylight could flood the three levels of the home.

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