10 Country Garden Design Ideas

French doors open from the master bedroom onto the patio.

The girls’ bedroom rethinks closet storage for small children. With closet doors removed, there is room in one closet for a handsome armoire and in the other a nook for a striped chest of drawers. Over time, when a closet is needed, the doors can easily be returned.

The focus of this home is outdoor living, as evidenced by all the doors leading to the patio. The outdoor living space is furnished to maximize enjoyment, with a bar, conversation groupings, and tables for outdoor living. Truly it’s a home for lively gatherings, with its happy punch of tropical color.

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White window frames and mullions punctuate the green exterior, drawing attention to the decorating of this home. The outdoor area is set for partying!

The front door opens to a vibrant living area, and further back is a formal dining area. Two doors on the far wall lead to the kitchen and the family room.

Stepping into this South Florida home, one is welcomed with colors and patterns, giving the same treat to the senses as would walking into a garden filled with blossoms and blooms. Near the grand piano, two geometrically patterned sofas set at 90 degrees and a pair of deep papaya-colored skirted slipper chairs surround the glass-topped wrought iron coffee table. Interspersed tropical plants and flowers, brilliantly colored art pieces, and bright tangerine-striped drapes pepper the scene with even more color.

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