10 Design Ideas For Living Room Walls

The window frames have been painted green to create a strong contrast with the dark wood surface. The kitchen, with its translucent walls, contrasts noticeably with the dark wood chosen for the exterior. First floor plan. The living and dining rooms occupy a completely open-plan space on the first floor with views to the outside. The stairs generate a double height, which has been taken advantage of to make a library. Ground floor plan. On the ground floor, all the rooms face outward to enjoy the landscape. The bathrooms are in the middle. Dijkmeijer House 6u <2 UArchitects Photos © UArchitects Aarle-Rixtel, The Netherlands An expansion and remodeling project usually involves an important challenge, given that one usually has a limited budget and, sometimes, problems involving historic preservation. In the case of Dijkmeijer House, the fagade was left intact to not alter the view from the street or the urban integration. The extension out the back had to include spaces for a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, along with a bedroom and ensuite bathroom upstairs. The old part was also remodeled, creating three new rooms and a study, with an optimal use of space. The woodwork upstairs makes up the covering of the new bedrooms and serves to protect them from the sun. Front fagade. Here one can see the whole of the rehabilitated main fagade. The new part features the wooden lattice work for the bedroom area which helps to regulate the sunlight. The entry of daylight is especially important in this zone, as it emphasizes the contrast between the white and brown of the staircase. Private Retreat Hadersfeld Syntax Architektur Photos © Klaus Pichler, Syntax Architektur Hadersfeld, Austria

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This ambitious project turned a nineteenth-century inn in a small town near Vienna into a family home. The owners wanted to conserve the spirit of the place and maintain the tradition of opening it up to the townspeople once or twice a year. To achieve this, two different tasks were undertaken. First the existing property was restored and then the expansion built.

The new volume has been carefully constructed among the old trees. Meanwhile, the revamped building offers the best views and optimal use of the garden. Both volumes, connected by the entrance hall, comprise a public space and private zone. The very cold winters and hot summers typical of the area made thermal insulation a fundamental part of the new design.

This property is located in the historical center of Quito. The central axis of the project is an interior garden built in an old courtyard, which has become the connection point between the interior and exterior spaces.

A large metal beam was used to shore up the fagade and visually link the home with the horizontal-style garden. This detail technically complicated in principle formed the basis of the design and was emphasized with simple and resistant joints. The deck permits a wide range of

This project consisted of the extension of a nineteenth-century villa located in a beautiful alpine hotel next to Lake Bled, Slovenia.

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