10 Design Ideas For Small Living Room

The stone and redwood home has changed little from when it was built in 1928, and it offers a glimpse into Carmel’s past. It is a home that has inspired loyal affection from the two families who have owned and cared for it, and the native straight-grained redwood and Carmel stone are in place as they were ninety years ago.

The original family kept the home for 40 years. A couple who saw the cottage while on their Carmel honeymoon, and had ever since dreamed of owning it, finally bought it over 25 years later in 1968. While many Carmel cottages were and continue as vacation cottages, this one is a primary residence.

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It’s common to see walkers stop to admire the home and take pictures, and occasionally artists can be seen with their easels, sketching and painting. Popular artist Thomas Kinkade was one, and he romantically embellished his painting of the cottage with a lush hollyhock garden and vines.

The near end of the one-story portion of the home is shaped as half a hexagon, essentially making the entire end of the home function as a bay window.

Set on the shoreline, only a scenic lane separates the stone cottage from the cliff and rocky beach, which can be glimpsed through the arched entry from the stone courtyard in the side garden.

Tempered by the Pacific Ocean, Carmel has a pleasantly mild climate year-round. It allows for the home’s opening casement windows without screens, French doors to the courtyard, and split Dutch door. The original stone and redwood remain, with the redwood still fresh inside and weathered to a gray on some of the exterior. The elongated black hinges on the front door are original hardware, as are the latch on the side door and interior hardware throughout the home.

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