10 Drought Tolerant Garden Design Ideas

A stone path winds around the home’s kitchen and tower.

The side door adjacent to the tower has a split Dutch door, which is common in Carmel homes. The exterior redwood has weathered to gray where it is exposed to the sun and salty air, while the protected beams and door frame retain the wood’s rich color. Redwood is known for its resistance to decay and fire.

The front door opens to the spacious living room, where the vaulted redwood ceiling opens to the rafers. The copper fireplace hood immediately catches the eye. The first owner brought the copper hood and the copper lantern fixtures from Germany to be included in the home, and he had the chimney built specifically for the hood. The chimney is structural to the house, supporting the roof.

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Initially, the fireplaces were the only heat in the home and were necessary to take off the morning chill and to keep it comfortable during the evenings. When the home was first constructed, an ingenious system of coils in the chimney heated the water.

The kitchen is located just behind the tower; it has a shed roof and ample windows. The second owners updated the kitchen at least 45 years ago, and it has been unchanged since that update, including the appliances.

Adjacent to the living room is the dining room in the tower, with its ceilings lower than the living room. The hutch is redwood, as are the ceiling planks and beams. Two side-hinged casement windows swing open to welcome the breezes. The views from these windows include the coast north to Monterey and Pebble Beach.

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