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It’s a cottage tradition to paint handed-down mismatched furniture to add similarity and make it a set. Here, painting two chairs orchid instead of sea foam green brings into the kitchen a color from the artwork and the furnishings in the living area. It celebrates the design’s wonderful pastels and unites the open floor plan’s colors.

The floor of the cottage is whitewashed to brighten the space while still showing the knots and grain of the wood.

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The new home is timeless in style with white woodwork and simple forms. The design maximizes light through ample windows, and the white ceilings reflect it to make it seem brighter. The painted furniture and the pieces with a scalloped pattern lend playfulness to the space consistent with the use of the home as a weekend and vacation retreat.

In addition to the den upstairs, at the rear is a sunny guest room. To allow for more guests or to suit a couple with children, a partial wall and ceiling beam separate out a nook for two twin beds. It projects the feeling of history like an addition or an enclosed sleeping porch, but it is all new construction.

Classic pillars give even an informal space an ageless dignity. The dune with natural vegetation seen beyond the railing separates the home from the beach and protects the home from the severe storms and surges that occasionally pound the beaches.

The combination of classical elements and a greater attention to architectural detailing with traditional early cottage building materials and colors combine to bring a refined accessibility to this three-level Seaside, Florida, cottage. The architect describes it as a balance of naivete and sophistication. Two design influences mingle and can be seen throughout : 1930s Swedish Classicism and vernacular turn-of-the-century wooden American seaside resort houses.

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