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Exploded view. The roof composed of planes with different inclinations is unified by the beams, which also provide a more favorable scale. The modular structure of the design can also be seen.

The fireplace connects the living room, dining room, and kitchen, defining an axis for the main and back doors. The three public rooms create a unique space that facilitates communication and circulation.

The reform work done on the Irish ambassador’s residence in the Netherlands included an extension for a driveway and the renovation of the house. A professional kitchen was installed in the extension, along with an apartment for the chef. Given the lack of space, this apartment was built half a level below the kitchen, perforating part of the terrain to allow light in. At the top, the kitchen work area is used as a “light box” for the apartment.

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The side fagade of the apartment is covered in pieces of rectangular glass which alternate different degrees of opacity, making the house seem to merge and almost disappear into the landscape.

With the alterations, the owners of this 1970s property-a young family that shares the home with their grandfather-wanted to make it easier for the elderly gentleman to get around in his wheelchair so he could have a certain degree of independence. They also wanted the attic to be a self-contained unit they could rent out. This meant it had to have an independent entry way.

As well as these transformations, the renovation included a series of environmental measures, such as the installation of solar panels and a rainwater tank system. These actions made it possible to cut the property’s energy costs by up to 88 percent.

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