10 Garden Shed Design Ideas

The small desk in the kitchen intended for researching recipes benefits from the fresh air from the operable window in the corner, which offers views in two directions.

A breezeway lined with Carmel stone runs behind the living room and connects to the side courtyard with French doors. Off the breezeway is a den with nearly floor-to-ceiling windows and its own doorway to the courtyard. The wooden accordion doors can close off the breezeway.

10 Garden Shed Design Ideas Photo Gallery

At the opposite end of the den, sliding doors can close off the office. The photographs are by Ansel Adams, a twentieth-century photographer who lived in the area.

The courtyard, breezeway, and den all connect in an informal part of the home that reflects the indoor-outdoor living connections that are so desirable in cottage homes.

Two staircases one from the living room and the other from the breezeway lead upstairs to three bedrooms. The master bedroom extends the width of the back of the cottage, and its ample size allows for a fireplace with a cluster of chairs and a writing desk. Paned casement windows encircle the room for treetop views and ventilation, and the vaulted redwood ceiling is similar to that of the living room.

Above and below: At the rear of the home and upstairs, the master bedroom feels like a private cabin.

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