10 Gardens Design Ideas

The well-ventilated second floor features the bedroom and dressing room, which stands out for its lighting and white furniture. It leads onto the balcony that looks out over the rear of the home.

The renovation of this property, located on the fifth floor of an early-twentieth-century warehouse, was commissioned by an orthodontist with eccentric taste. The goal was to create a space related with the personality of its owner, seventy-year-old Doc Blue, a blues songwriter and former race car driver.

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Using two important references to Doc (i.e., the color blue and the exotic furniture he has accumulated over his lifetime) as the starting point, the architect began to configure the spaces of the home on the large floor plan of the pre-existing warehouse.

Various hallways, staircases, and different levels connect the bedroom, the circular living room which appears to float above the kitchen, and a semicircular corner around the fireplace.

The bedroom, the circular living room that floats above the kitchen, and the chairs in a semicircle that surround the wood stove are connected via bridges, stairs, and different levels, making the home really vibrant.

Ground floor. Two separate areas were designed: a public area with a semicircle shaped lounge, and another private, separate space made up of the bedroom and its ensuite rooms.

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