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Homeownership 10 Hall Decoration Ideas Home

When the need arises for a new roof over your and your family’s heads, you need to consider three options – renting, buying, or building a house – and each option has its own merits and drawbacks.

When renting accommodation, it may be true that you don’t need much of a capital outlay, and that you can relocate quite easily, but it also means that you don’t own a place of your own. Every rand you pay in rent simply goes into somebody else’s pocket, and your dream of owning your own place keeps slipping further and further away. Any escalation in property prices is to the benefit of the property owner, while you as the tenant simply have to pay a higher rent.

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On the other hand, whether you buy an existing house or build a house from scratch, some initial capital of your own will be required, but all price escalations in the housing market will be for your own benefit.

For many years in South Africa it has been cheaper to buy an existing house than to build a new one, especially if you have been fortunate enough to find the house of your dreams with an established garden, paving and a pool, located in the area in which you want to live. However, you are very fortunate if you find a place that complies with all your requirements!

The only sure way to get everything you want or need from a home is to find an appropriate stand and to build it.

Site selection and purchase

Before buying a stand on which to build your own house (or, for that matter, before buying an existing house), there are many aspects you should consider carefully. Remember, a house will always be a major investment – by far the single biggest investment many people will ever make. Take care when considering that, in addition to the physical aspects of a stand such as trees, geological issues and water, landownership also includes legal rights. These include the right to sell, lease, build, mortgage, use, enjoy, occupy, and so on. These rights are tied to the land and therefore benefit successive owners.

Always be sure to consider the following aspects and make your own decision on the importance of each aspect:

• Ascertain what future development is being considered in the area, such as roads and industrial development.

• Determine the location of shopping areas, schools, churches, bus routes, etc.

• Check the extent of pedestrian traffic and heavy vehicle flow in the vicinity.

• Investigate the condition of the soil – be careful of dolomite and clay conditions – and the extent and condition of the topsoil.

• Find out from the local authority about possible restrictions in the town’s Conditions of Establishment, the stand’s title deed or the local authority’s Town Planning Scheme (see the section on Statutory information on page 10). Also make sure that the township has been proclaimed and serviced by the developer.

• Is there a pleasant view? Do you need a view?

• Where is north and how will it influence the living conditions on the stand?

• If the stand is situated on a slope, what becomes of the storm water from higher lying properties?

• What taxes are payable? What municipal services are available, and what are the costs?

• What is the size? Can subdivision or a second dwelling or granny flat be accommodated?

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