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The living room introduces common elements that appear throughout the home: the white-painted board-and-batten walls, the plank ceiling with exposed rafers, and the wooden plank floor, which is painted forest green with a gloss finish on the ground floor and shifts to red on the second floor. As with many cottages, white and the continuation of color unites it and makes the home feel more spacious.

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Entering the home on the left side, the rooms are layered in the style of shotgun homes of New Orleans, but with a variation: unlike shotgun homes, the rooms articulate on the side of the home instead of the center, and there are ample windows along this side. The opposite side, which is close to a neighboring house, has minimal windows and only at the back.

The base level of this home is clapboard and the upper level is shingled. Tin covers the porch at the front and the roof of the bay window for a practical, modest look. Clean lines carefully maintain the scale to give it a crisp quality.

At one time the family room, above, was the last room on the main level. When a family member who could not use the stairs moved in, a new addition provided another bedroom Instead of blending the added bedroom with the rest of the house, the approach used was to make it an obvious addition with an entirely different design approach tropical.

Beyond the kitchen, a cozy family room allows for some TV time while others in the house may visit without the interruption.

Above and below: Knotty pine and tropical colors set this room apart as an addition and a comfortable guest space.

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