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The staircase connects the ground floor with the bedrooms and bathrooms. Very bright colors, such as orange and cyan blue, were chosen for these spaces.

The magenta rug in the main bathroom and dressing room offers a powerful contrast to the white that predominates on the walls, ceiling, and built-in wardrobes.

Cross sections. The lower section shows the library, positioned opposite the stairs that lead up to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Above, the dining room and kitchen.

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The property, whose structure dates back to 1788, is located in the neighborhood of Carmen, in the Spanish city of Valencia. Its distribution was originally compartmentalized and involved eight rooms in just 950 sq. ft. (88 sq. m).

The main instruction was to create an open space, rescuing the original structure and making the most of the ceiling heights. The architects designed the project in cubic meters, which helped them expand the property to 1,300 sq. ft. (121 sq. m), largely thanks to the creation of a mezzanine level.

Functionally, the house is structured around the central staircase. The kitchen, living room, and bedroom form a single common space, although the bedroom area has maintained its privacy. The construction of the mezzanine level required the fastening of the rear load-bearing wall and central posts. To reduce the loads, a light forging solution was chosen, in the form of a 0.9-inch (2 cm) phenol panel on which the parquet flooring finish was positioned.

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