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Ceilings and cornices 10 Ideas For Home Decor

On completion of the plasterwork, a ceiling contractor can move in to fit the ceilings, which are usually suspended from the roof structure, and may be made of gypsum board, fbre-cement board or even timber planking such as pine or meranti. The edges of the ceiling are usually rounded off against the walls with some kind of cleat or a prefabricated ouarter-round of gypsum board, called a cornice. Please note: it will be easier for the plumber to fit the geysers before the ceilings are installed.

Floor screeds

Once the ceilings have been fitted, the plasterer may move in again to do the finishing layer on the concrete floor slabs, called the screed. This is a thin layer of sand and cement mix, and is used to make the floor absolutely level. The floor tiles or carpets will be fitted on top of the screed later.

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Finishing trades and outside work
At this stage the building site becomes very busy as many different tradesmen hurry around to finish their jobs. The tiler will be laying wall and floor tiles where specifed, the glazers installing windowpanes, and the carpenter hanging all the doors and fitting the locks, as well as installing the built-in cupboards and curtain rails. Once the house can be closed and locked up at night, it is time to install the kitchen cupboards and appliances such as the stove and oven. The electrician will now complete his job by fitting the wall plugs, light switches and light fittings, while the plumber will be installing the bathroom fittings, baths, basins, toilets and showers.

At some point during this stage, the electrician will request a final electrical-installation inspection from the local authority, while the builder and plumber will request final building and drainage inspections. Once all the disciplines have moved out of the house, it is time to install the carpets and skirting boards to finish everything off.

Before the final inspection, all building rubble must be cleared and removed. Landscaping and gardening may then commence, including paving where needed, as well as garden and screen walls. Although gardening and paving may commence earlier, care should be taken not to jeopardise building work on the house.

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