10 Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes

The small budget forced the architects to find a building they could renovate themselves, with the aim of conciliating the grandeur of an old factory with today’s housing requirements. To that end, they opted for a box-shaped volume measuring 11/2 x 60 feet (3V2 x 18 m), modulated in line with the existing metal structure. The position and openings of the box are variable and can adapt to the needs of the owners and the climatic changes of each season.

The clients sought the creation of a space that was both a home and art gallery, based on a new spatial concept where permanent coexistence with works by artists such as Wilfredo Lam and Amelia Pelaez was paramount, as well as pictures pertaining to the Southern School and Concrete Invention art movements.

This remodeling is fruit of the collaboration between decorating studio I-Beam and the painter Joan Waltemath, which managed to unite in the joint work the two-dimensional skills of the artist with the three-dimensional vision of the architects.

The property’s various rooms fan out around the axis formed by the hall and balcony: a guest bedroom, living room, study, open-plan dining room, and numerous cabinets.

Floor plan. T-shaped floor plan with the middle section divided into three modules. One is occupied by the central bedroom and bathroom, while the others boast the kitchen, dining room, living room, and guest bedroom.

The white space is designed as if it was an art gallery, in which the works by Wilfredo Lam and Amelia Pelaez, which are the real protagonists, stand out. Of note is the texture of unplastered brick masonry which, together with the beams and untreated wooden columns, is the exception to the general aesthetic treatment.

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