10 Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

The wooden clapboard home has a generous overhang to shade the upper windows midday, a deep covered porch furnished with two large picnic tables, and views to the beach and the water. Two doors open to unite the interior with the porch for an easy flow.

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The home delivers on the homeowners’ wish for simplicity to be the heart of how they live to be at ease, with no pretensions. The design also recognizes the family’s desire as to how they like to spend their time. The front entry opens to a space that spreads the width of the cottage. At one side is the sitting area, with seating gathered around the fireplace and mementoes of the family’s experiences and travels, and on the other side is a big dining table for hosting the family and friends with whom they love to share the experience of staying at the beach on the island.

A compass rose is inlaid in the wooden floor between the adjoining dining and living areas.

Not to be overlooked, the family pet has positioned himself strategically by the entrance to the kitchen and with the hallway behind him that leads to the side door, two bedrooms, and a den.

Sunrise is through the sitting room windows, and with the morning’s cool temperatures, the upholstery and cushions bring welcome warmth.

The high ceiling, transom windows, and clerestory fill the room with natural light and views to the beach, Puget Sound, and Camano Island, and at the same time make it feel spacious. Whidbey Island is far enough north that the change of season brings short days, and sitting in front of the fire is perfect during the long evenings.

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