10 Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas

From the entrance one can see the panel that marks the middle point of the rear wall. The space becomes an extraordinary work of art which unites painting and sculptures in the one property. Longitudinal section. The longitudinal section cut clearly shows the location of the central panel, which stands out because of the height difference of the ceiling. Alikhani/Petroulas Penthouse I-Beam Design Photos © Silke Mayer, Andreas Sterzing New York City Located in the heart of NoHo, this loft was remodeled for a couple with modern taste and a profound interest in design and experimentation. The design is based on an elongated central area, marked at the ends by the bedrooms with their respective bathrooms. The wall-free space has numerous pieces of purpose-built furniture based on multiple mobile elements to satisfy a great variety of functional requirements. A staircase with stainless steel steps rises from a kitchen module integrated at the bottom to a children’s playroom and the garden. The resistant glass steps produce a spectacular visual effect. 214 Floor plan. The loft floor plan clearly shows the distribution of the service area, supported by the dividing wall, and of the bedrooms at the either end to free up the central zone for social use. In the living room, a mahogany-colored mantelpiece covers the slate hearth and integrates various compartments for storing CDs and videotapes; a low cabinet with drawers houses the couple’s antiques collection. White Space Hanrahan Meyers Architects Photos © Michael Moran, Paul Warchol

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Located in Central Park West, this apartment is designed as a second residence for a young couple whose main home is in Westchester, New York. The clients asked the architects for an urban bolt-hole in the middle of town where the views over the park would be the main feature.

The White on White series of paintings by Kasmir Malevich, the founder of Suprematism, was the starting point for this project. The aim was to adopt a similar strategy and superimpose pale tones in all the finishes, although there are also wood surfaces that stand out against the white and generate points of visual attraction.

Floor plan. The floor plan of the apartment is based on minimalist lines. Three areas are perfectly marked out but the only completely separate space is the bedroom.

A stainless-steel closet stands out in this completely open-plan space. Behind it is the kitchen, separated from the rest of the property by emery-polished glass and a solid wooden board used as the dining room table.

The revamp mainly involved knocking down all the walls and turning a second bathroom into the main one, which is separate from the living room thanks to a translucent glass wall. The armchairs are a Jean Michel Frank design for Pucci.

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