10 Living Room Curtains Ideas

10 Living Room Curtains Ideas

Curtain Headings

Informal gathers The heading tapes you can purchase may not be the most flattering for your particular curtain. Sheet curtains look best without regular gathers: here the curtain is delicately bunched up by rings, disguised beneath ribbon bows.

Looping curtains over a pole For a simple heading, sew loops of the same material as the curtain at the top and thread the pole through. Alternatively, make the loops a feature by using colourful braid, or adding loops to a scalloped top edge.

Transforming old sheets

Old sheets make summery curtains, especially when -as here – they are decorated by sprigs of embroidery. The sheet is doubled over, and a seam run across the top to make a casing in which to insert the curtain pole.

Anyone who can sew a seam can make their own curtains. Generally it is best to use a generous quantity of affordable fabric, rather than be parsimonious with something splendid – curtains look best fully gathered and usually hang most interestingly if they can be either bunched on the floor at the hem, or pulled into a good fat curve over a tie-back.

Curtain finishes

Curtains can be decorated in thousands of different ways. Plain cottons can be painted or printed using stencils or potato prints (perhaps repeating designs used elsewhere in the room). Fine fabrics look beautiful embroidered in simple stitches; coarse cotton or linen can be finished with colourful crewel work. Fringes, braid and tassels all give weight and a feeling of luxury, as does the simple expedient of adding a thick lining – a lining will also protect the main curtain fabric from the light.

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