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The project for the transformation of the property was based on two very clear premises: to expand the useable space and optimize the existing construction. To that end, the architects came up with an extremely original solution: they built a new structure which covers the house like an exoskeleton, enabling them to generate new interior spaces.

Elevations and floor plan. The rational distribution of the home contrasts with the new spaces created during the expansion works.

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this residence represented a change to the regular conventions of single-family home design. A country house with a very conventional appearance was transformed into an open and flexible residence, fully interrelated with its environment.

The renovation was based on adapting a common space under a zigzag roof, inspired by the slope of the terrain. This integrates the property perfectly with the landscape and blurs the borders between inside and out.

A careful selection of wood for the coverings and the profusion of indirect points of light boost the warm and tranquil feel of these interiors, very much in keeping with the rural setting that surrounds them. The contrast between these solutions and certain more modern designs, such as the fireplace and kitchen, is one of the successes of the project.

The window is composed of three horizontal modules; the top one matches the pitch of the roof and plays with the slope and volumes to define the entrance to the home.

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