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Floor plan. The living room, dining room, and kitchen practically share the same space, while the bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom are separated by subtle wall details.

The clearly minimalist-inspired room boasts the floor-length window that offers unbeatable views over the sea and also lets in the sound of the waves.

Playing especially with light, area, and volume, this project has transformed a 1960s residence into a multi-family building.

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The very tall building is set on the shore of Lake Michigan. Like many cities in the American Midwest, Milwaukee has lost thousands of inhabitants, whose departure has left empty buildings that are now being turned into apartments to provide housing for lower-income families who cannot afford such large spaces. This project represents a commitment to urban living and experiments with materials, light, and volumes.

This project consisted of the unification and renovation of three floors and four balconies in two apartments built in 1926, located at the top of a historic seventeen-story building.

The architects’ main idea was to divide the space into two well-defined zones: the winter area and the summer area, which could be differentiated particularly by the materials used. The area that faces north, considered the winter area, is a warm and intimate space, organized around the previous building and limited by the dining room and kitchen. In the southern section, the summer area is larger and characterized by fresh colors and a more flexible distribution. A billiard table with a gray cover marks the epicenter of this part of the house.

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