10 Modern Garden Design Ideas

Elevations. The building is developed on an axial basis made up of the retaining wall that supports the S-shaped floor plan.

Seen from the outside, the combination of the crossed beams and laminated glass walls generates a mysterious light.

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Floor plans. On one side is the old dairy and on the other, the new volume built as an extension of the former one and which makes the most of the difference in the terrain. It was assembled on the wall to enable the swimming pool to be put in.

The doors-more modern and stylized than the rest of the fagade-provide a contrast between old and new. The intervention seems to be a natural extension of the existing structure.

A mirror snakes around the upper floor of the building like the course of a river. At dawn, the glass acts as a prism which tints the floors and walls green and blue.

The Wohlfahrt-Laymann residence is located in a Frankfurt suburb. The owners wanted more living space and at first considered knocking the home down and replacing it with another, larger one. Following an exhaustive analysis, the architects assessed the quality of the existing building, which dates from 1930 and boasts a number of charming features, and decided to use it as the starting point for a comprehensive remodeling job.

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