10 New Home Interior Design Ideas

The commission involved transforming the ground floor of this property into a bright common area where the family could enjoy films and the children could play, and which opened directly onto the backyard.

To boost flexibility and open up the entry of more daylight inside, a space that had previously been rented was rehabilitated to achieve a larger, more open and translucent environment.

As far as the interior design goes, one feature is the versatility of the furniture and its practical, very useful character. The oak wardrobes in the guest bedroom, which conveniently hide the audiovisual equipment, are particularly beautiful.

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Cross section, and front and rear elevations. A steel structure with wooden windows that covers the two floors enables the light to enter. The bedrooms are on the third floor.

Floor plans. The long, narrow floor plan made it necessary to have a minimum number of divisions and to create openings at the ends. The kitchen is located on the second floor of the atrium.

The kitchen, located in the atrium, was completely remodeled following the same design criteria applied to the rest of the property. The plywood workbench is a large volume. of opening up the space and underlining the structural elements characteristic of this type of New York property, such as the cast-iron columns and brick walls. This is a classic example of a loft that reuses an industrial building with a residential use. The most innovative part of the project is a large white wall conceived as an independent element and used to separate the private areas from the public functions. It provides visual continuity to the space and is a multipurpose element, because as well as its separating function, it houses the television set and a blogshelf. The wall is built from plasterboard, a light but solid material that is also very flexible.

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