10 Paved Garden Design Ideas

We have found overwhelming kindness and generosity in the people who design, build, and live in cottages that made working on this blog a true pleasure.

To our friend Marie Speed, thank you for your introductions. Robert Davis, who with Daryl Davis founded Seaside Florida, made our stay unforgettable. Lori Smith and Sarah Hanley managed all our arrangements.

Tom Bateman of Imagineered Homes answered a call from strangers and spent a week guiding, opening doors, and helping us. Marie Lupinski hosted our stay in her lovely brand-new cottage.

10 Paved Garden Design Ideas Photo Gallery

Ross Chapin, famous for his cottage designs, talked to us to help us better understand the detailing, materials, space planning, and care that make some cottages so memorable, and he introduced us to Joanne and Bruce Montgomery, who so generously accommodated us.

Art and architectural historian Kent Seavey helped us immensely in Carmel.

And to the homeowners of the many cottages we photographed, thank you for creating and sharing your beautiful homes and for allowing others to experience the delight of cottage living.

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