10 Paved Gardens Designs Ideas

The master’s soft yellow departs from the nautical theme. Reinforcing the sense of history and place, a toy Ferris wheel is a reminder of the amusement park that was once on a nearby boardwalk. mood in each room. One of the most unusual colorations is in the dining room, with warm red-pink walls. Distinctive wall colors give definition to each of the rooms, while the common wood flooring and white painted woodwork connect and unify the design.

The color selection makes the dining room a captivating space for a dinner party. Rather than matching the dining set, the sideboard is painted white.

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From the entry, high ceilings and rich, vibrant tropical colors dominate the great room. To the rear, the red-pink dining room is set to the right and the kitchen is to the left.

One side of the main floor is dedicated to the children. A fun playroom has plenty of floor space for inventive play and furniture for curling up and relaxing. In one corner is a table for puzzles and projects, and the banquette seating has storage beneath the bench to keep the toys tidy but conveniently close. The children’s bedrooms open to the playroom.

The bungalow’s deep, broad porch is a wonderful place to sit in the shade and to keep an eye on children playing in the front yard.

Bins under the bench of the banquette provide easy storage for playthings.

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