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The main requirement of the client was to double the space of the existing living areas and at the same time make the most of the views over the lake. The groundbreaking project design consisted of positioning the new spaces (kitchen, dining room, living room, library, and study) in a new extension beneath the ground floor of the pre-existing villa. This gained 7,500 sq. ft. (697 sq. m) of inside space, while respecting the original construction and surrounding landscape at all times.

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Ground floor plan. The plan shows the glassed-in perimeter and the curved corners that match the surroundings. This plan in particular shows the importance of the staircase as a central design axis.

Vertical axis of the stairs seen from the first floor. The new building and old villa are connected by this spiral staircase, which can be reached from every room.

The spiral staircase configures the hall in the extension, as the entrance to the property is beneath it. The position of the house next to the lake and in the middle of a forest makes this villa unique.

Diagram. Schematic diagram of the extension under the existing building, taking the topography and landscape that surrounds the villa into account.

This project consisted of the renovation and expansion of an 1840 stone and sandstone cottage that had already been the object of a substantial expansion in 1980. Because it is a historic-preservation building, neither the fagade nor any other visible part that would remain above the current roof line could be modified.

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