10 Primitive Home Decor Craft Ideas

An efficient kitchen is measured by the fewest steps within the kitchen triangle. Here, the distances between the farmhouse sink, range. and refrigerator are minimal.

The portico cornice over the front entry pays tribute to Thomas Jefferson’s Honeymoon Cottage in Virginia, its inspiration. Sand leads right up to the doorway, while the native landscaping, a hallmark of Seaside, Florida, grows to the side.

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There’s a touch of a honeymoon quality about this compact rectangular cottage, and rightly so, as the architect took his inspiration from Thomas Jefferson’s Honeymoon Cottage, the small home where Jefferson lived while designing and building Monticello. Built just behind the sandy dunes on the beach at Seaside, Florida, it connects with its ocean setting with wide views to the gulf from the top deck at the rear.

The stairs by the front door lead up to the linear kitchen and dining space, a living area, and the broad portico. The interior is less than 800 square feet in size, but the broad portico upstairs and the

This cottage is a study in efficient use of space, as one living area flows into another without walls or partitions. For example, the chairs may be pulled back once meal preparation is complete, for a spacious table that seats four. The vertical piece of fabric art above the wicker tea table (which delightfully stores the table linens) declares the shift from the kitchen to the living area.

Above and below: The kitchen is a study in efficiency. With the stairway behind the counter and cooktop area, there is no room for upper cabinets. A wooden armoire supplements storage with a place for the microwave and additional shelves for food.

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