10 Quirky Home Decor Ideas

Porches are a common (and required) design element of Seaside homes, and three large porches on

the ocean side, one on each level, offer considerable outdoor living. While the interior spaces limit the size of the group one might be able to entertain, the outdoor living expands it. The style of outdoor living corresponds to the lifestyle in the adjacent portions of the home, where the middle, or main, floor is public, and the porches off the bedrooms are more private.

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The beach’s sand dunes obstruct the ocean view on the garden floor. In order to have views, the main living area is located on the second floor, or middle level. The side garden entrance opens to a small foyer, and from there a stairway leads to the main living area, where big double doors open to the covered outdoor living space and the ocean views and breezes. The ceilings are high, the colors are light, and there are ample operable windows and French double doors to keep the space feeling open and unconfined.

The ocean end of the long rectangle opens to a deep covered outdoor living area that extends the width of the home. The colors are similar to the interior, but the decking and outdoor furniture make it somewhat more casual on one hand, while the carved and fluted columns maintain a classic tone.

All the outdoor living faces the beach, but the dunes block the views from the lowest level. On the garden level is a screened porch off the children’s bedrooms. The middle level has a large covered outdoor space off the living room that is essentially another living and dining room with views above the dunes to the beach and the ocean. A distinctive single central pillar marks the partially covered porch space off the master bedroom, a private space for sunning and relaxation.

A softly patterned area rug unites the living and dining areas, and the sand tones of the rug and low sofa, chairs, and coffee table bring a quiet sense to the space. The white of the woodwork and drapes becomes a backdrop that focuses attention to the center of the room. These treatments plus the additional depth provided by viewing through to the kitchen make the space feel larger, a key design approach for cottages

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