10 Rustic Home Decor Ideas

The porch swing is perfect to while away idle hours, but in a pinch it is spacious enough for an overflow sleeping space for an extra guest.

Tall shuttered doors open from the sitting and dining spaces on the main floor to the sheltered front porch with its traditional rockers, and true to the plantation style, a second porch above connects with the home’s bedrooms. The heart of the home is a kitchen that is as lovely as it is functional.

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The cottage design is inspired by Southern plantations, and another way of looking at plantations is as farmhouses for Southern climes. This very practical design allows multiple double doors to open off both porches to maximize ventilation and open the pedestrian flow from the outside in. In the event of big storms, the porches offer a protective overhang and the shutters close. The main floor features an L-shaped open living space furnished to create distinct sitting spaces, with a dining area adjacent to the big farmhouse kitchen. But in addition to practicality, the plantation style resonates with the

The dining area offers a glimpse of the kitchen. There is an interesting play on colors in this transition. In the dining room the walls are blue-green with white trim, and in the kitchen the colors juxtapose to white walls and blue-green cabinets.

DESIGN TIP: Consider a glass dining tabletop for cottage furnishings to keep a light informality and to make the room appear larger and simpler because of its transparency. Tempered glass won’t shatter, but it is important that the edges and corners are finished so they aren’t sharp and are safe against impact, especially with children in the home.

Side-hinged casement windows open into the kitchen for ventilation and let in the sweet sea air. The kitchen offers a number of other convenience elements, such as the open plate racks, glass-fronted cabinets, and open shelving to store serving dishes. The floral skirting on the farmhouse sink and the matching fabric valence add to the charm However, the stainless steel ultra quiet dishwasher is a reminder that as lovely as the kitchen appears, it is designed for efficiency.

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