10 Shelving Design Ideas

10 Shelving Design Ideas
Storage and shelving
Although storage systems come in all shapes and sizes, they can all be regarded as some form of variation on the idea of a shelf, a hook, or a box or, of course, a combination of the three. A chest of drawers, for example, is a series of boxes placed on top of one another and many modular storage units allow you to combine boxes, in the form of drawers and cupboards, with open shelving. And a peg rail is simply a row of hooks joined together.
The inside of a unit should be tailored to suit the items that you plan to store. Good storage is governed by the ‘divide and rule’ principle, which states that items are easier to see and much likelier to remain tidy when stored in groups that are as small as possible. Short runs of shelving, baskets on a shelf and a wall of cupboards, each one subdivided by adjustable partitions, are just some of the options that make this possible. Smaller items are usually stored in drawers but they can also be arranged in lidded jars, hung from pegs or sorted into files or trays. It is all a question of scale. The smaller the item, the more compact its home needs to be. The only exceptions to this rule occur when small objects are massed together tor visual effect as when a collection is displayed in a glazed cabinet.
Some items need special treatment if they are to be stored efficiently. A television, for example, may have to be fixed to a hydraulic-lift mechanism or a shelf on gliders so that it can be pulled out of storage and retracted as necessary. Fresh fruit and vegetables need air to circulate around them and so are best stored in pull-out wire trays or baskets.
Putting a face on storage, in the form of doors and drawers, protects the contents from dust and prying eyes, as well as making it look neater. It can also, of course, add decorative interest and character to a room. In small spaces it may be necessary to use sliding or folding doors as they take up less space. Glazed or wire-mesh doors will give a unit a sense of lightness and the right handles and hinges could well turn a bland or beaten-up piece o£ furniture into something rather special.

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