10 Simple Garden Design Ideas

Elevation and floor plan. This elevation shows how the structure plays with height and glass to create a relationship with the existing property.

The glassed-in areas and wooden window frames facilitate the building’s integration with the garden. Upon entering the home, visitors find a small pavilion that reflects the surrounding garden as if it were a mirror.

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Its geometrical and irregular shape makes the interior space less rigid and gives it a more open look. The simplicity of the finishes, particularly the parquet flooring and white paint, contribute significant harmony to this small space.

This renovation and expansion project of a home built in 1930 and located south of Toronto is an exemplary exercise in how to transform, extend, and modernize traditional residential decorating.

Instead of demolishing the original volume, the architects chose to conserve the exterior, while the interior was fully replaced, with the single exception of the beautiful handcrafted stairway that was carefully restored to create a connection between past and present. The brick exterior was conserved so the house would continue to be integrated in its urban environment and the pitched attic roof eliminated to enable an extension at the top.

The house, like an architectural palimpsest, reflects how building styles have evolved and demonstrates that the preservation of an urban fabric can form part of a profound transformation project.

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