10 Small Garden Ideas And Designs

The restoration work left the exterior almost completely intact, as the site, a former Roman settlement, was nothing less than a historical symbol of the place. Over the years, the castle has functioned as a sanatorium, restaurant and even a mink farm. The base of the remodeling consisted of creating a 1,500 sq. ft. (139 sq. m) space which would function as a loft and could adapt to the requisites of modern life.

Elevation. The elevation clearly shows how the windows are perfectly integrated into the building as a whole.

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The interior has been covered with lime mortar, making it sparkling white and able to reflect the sunlight in all the rooms. In the 82-foot (25 m) long space at the top, the dark wood on the white lime-mortar surfaces affords an attractive

House H is located in a privileged corner of Rona Dolina, a residential neighborhood of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In both the renovation and the extension of the property, the architects worked with the aim of integrating the existing 1960s structure with the external landscape.

The new pavilion, an independent volume located in the garden, is used as an additional living room that functions as a space halfway between the house and the outdoors. This structure, built with a reinforced concrete shell, appears to float above the ground and reflects the garden, integrating it with the landscape. The floor plan responds to local building requirements to separate new structures from the edges of a plot by a minimum of 12 feet (4 m).

The glassed-in areas and wooden window frames facilitate the building’s integration with the garden. Upon entering the home, visitors find a small pavilion which reflects the surrounding garden as if it were a mirror.

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