10 Small Kitchen Designs Ideas

Plumbing and electrical work 10 Small Kitchen Designs Ideas

Once the walls have been bricked up, it is the plumber’s responsibility to install water and drainage pipes in the walls and floors. Underground waste-water drainage pipes should also have been installed by now and inspected by the local authority. This is called the open-drainage inspection, and is conducted by the building inspector once the pipes have been installed, but before they are covered with soil. This must be done by a qualifed plumber.

The entire water reticulation system is connected to the municipal water connection point on the stand boundary. At this stage the owner will be requested to indicate the position of all garden taps.

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Since it will be difficult to change these positions later on, due consideration should be given at this point.

Simultaneously, an electrician will install conduit pipes in the walls and roof structure to accommodate all the electrical cables for the house’s electrical system All electrical wiring starts off from a central point, called a distribution box, which again is connected via an underground cable to the municipal electrical connection point on the stand boundary.

Both the water pipes and electrical conduit pipes are installed in the walls by chasing grooves into the brick walls and mounting the pipes inside these grooves. Please note that unplastered inner face-brick walls require much more ingenuity from the bricklayer because all the pipe work must then be built into the brickwork.


Once the electrician and plumber have fitted the pipes into the walls, plasterwork may commence. This is a specialised trade to be performed by an accomplished tradesman. Always make sure you use proper plaster sand.

It should be pointed out here that there are, in fact, three types of sand used in the building trade, which vary in their degree of fineness: concrete sand is the coarsest, followed by dagha or mortar sand, and plaster sand which is the finest.

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