10 Small Lighting Design Ideas

10 Small Lighting Design Ideas
Selecting fittings
Finally, consider the style of the fittings. Choosing all the fittings from a single range or made in the same material can help give a co-ordinated look to a room scheme. But there is absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t select the fittings on an individual basis, especially if they are attractive objects in their own right. However, bear in mind the overall look and feel of a room as well as the uses to which the fittings will be put. While a table lamp with a pleated silk shade may look cosy and elegant in a living room, it will seem incongruous, to say the least, in a busy, steam-filled kitchen.
Directory of lighting
Task lights
Task lighting is a must in any area where you plan to read or do close work. It can be provided by a desk lamp, a floor-standing lamp with an adjustable head, an industrial-style lamp that clamps to a desk or shelf or a rise-and-fall pendant fitting. Whichever design you choose, position it so that your work area is kept free of shadow, without exposing the bulb to the extent that it causes glare. Lamps with a long reach are useful where the light source needs to be moved closer for detailed work, such as over a craft bench or if you simply like to read while sitting in the middle of your sofa. 0
Display lighting
As well as drawing attention to objects and pictures, display lighting subtly adds sparkle to interiors. Picture lights and cabinet fittings are two of the fixed or built-in options but a plug-in mini-spot or clip-on lamp often work just as well if you do not want to go to the trouble and expense of permanent fittings. To light a picture, the lamp should be angled towards the image to minimize awkward reflections and glare. Decorative objects are best lit from above or the front to accentuate their shape and texture. Large areas of displayed posts or CDs should be evenly lit, so that their covers can be read easily.

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