10 Small Storage Design Ideas

10 Small Storage Design Ideas
Making the most of storage
• High shelves should be narrow so that you can see what is on them from below. If they are deep, use them to store light and infrequently used large items, such as spare blankets and towels.
• When storing large numbers of objects on a shelf, arrange them in rows, with taller items at the back.
• Try to store heavy items at waist height to avoid bending and stretching with them.
• Items stored at ground level with a shelf or some other obstruction above are easier to reach if they are stored in boxes on wheels or with grab handles.
• Use the insides of doors to store small items, such as saucepan lids in the kitchen and ties or scarves in a wardrobe.
• If storage units are large or deep, consider fitting a built-in light.
• Decorate the insides of open storage units to show off the contents to their best advantage. Multi-coloured displays, such as posts, look good against neutral backgrounds while shiny or clear objects, such as glass, could be set against deep colours or lustrous textures.

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