10 Terraced House Garden Design Ideas

The dining area’s colored and etched pendant bowl light, the artwork, and the details on the sideboard all add to the ornateness of the setting.

The family room gets extra comfortable and casual with wicker furniture and ample cushions. The coffee table has louvered plantation shutter panels on the sides to echo the design theme. But the big impact is color. Intense blue and yellow, from opposite sides of the color wheel, provide maximum contrast and tension. The open rafters are painted white, as are the cabinets and window and door moldings. The use of white for these elements repeats in the kitchen and bedrooms to offer continuity despite the other variations in color.

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Above and below: The family room is less formal and designed for relaxation. The banquette at the opposite side of the room offers an informal place for dining.

A wide entrance from the family room connects the large kitchen. For continuity, the deep blue-violet wall color from the family room repeats on the kitchen wall, looking crisp against the white woodwork. The cabinet fronts are louvered (like plantation shutters), repeating an element used in the family room’s coffee table and the exterior shutters. The cabinets are distress painted to give them a sense of age and time. The metal range backsplash is geometrically patterned and, again, slightly ornate. In a variation from the family room, the kitchen ceiling is sky blue, with a skylight in the center to provide natural light on the work area. The clerestory above the cabinets allows for even more natural light.

The kitchen has wide walkways between the counters and the stainless steel-topped island. This ample space allows for a number of people to work together in the kitchen for a communally prepared meal without getting in each other’s way.

This covered porch is protected from wind and other elements on three sides but is open on one side to the patio. It serves as a private sitting room. Through the door and behind shear lace curtains is a glimpse of the papaya walls of the master bedroom.

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