10 Topiary Garden Design Ideas

The generous master bedroom connects to the patio and pool outside to a sitting room porch, covered and enclosed on three sides but open to the yard on the third, and to the living and dining room. The room is spacious; in addition to the bed and ornate armoire, there is a chaise reading area and a tall blogcase desk. The colors can loosely be described as orange, with the walls of the room closer to papaya, the ceiling apricot, and the spread tangerine.

Above and below: White moldings, drapes, and ceiling rafters outline the pleasing shapes in the room.

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The heart of this home is the backyard with pool. Lined with palm trees and surrounded by flowering plants, it’s a little bit of its own resort paradise in the backyard. Water spills over the stacked-stone edge of the hot tub and creates that wonderful falling water sound that masks ambient noise like traffic or a neighbor’s power gardening tools.

A balcony with a white railing looks over the pool. The balcony leads inside to a bright aqua-blue bedroom with a contrasting red spread in the children’s room. It appears that the children have the best view in the house, as the room looks over the treetops to the sea.

Even a cloudy day at this colorful home couldn’t be anything but cheerful. White paint outlines the lovely architectural shapes.

With its prim New England shape and extended porch, this cottage looks like it might belong north of its Manasquan, New Jersey, setting. However, Manasquan has an interesting status in Atlantic shoreline communities, as it is at the northern terminus of the Intracoastal Waterway, which extends all the way north from Florida. It also has a summer cottage tradition dating back to the turn of the twentieth century, when some New York City families would summer in Manasquan, with the breadwinners working in the city during the week and taking the commuter train to visit their vacationing families each weekend.

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