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The south area has a spacious L-shaped space that serves both a gameroom and lounge. It features a billiards table that separates the lounge from the dining room.

Floor plan. This plan clearly shows the reform work done: small, closed spaces were maintained in the former, while in the latter a versatile and flexible large space was generated, which can be subdivided if necessary

The balconies were joined together to provide a 70-foot (21 m) long deck at the height of Tompkins Square Park. From there, the views over Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens are spectacular.

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This revamp project recovered a 2,368 sq. ft. (220 sq. m) flat in the Caja Nacional de Periodistas y Empleados building in Santiago de Chile. The apartment is on the top floor of the four-story building, which made it possible to improve the natural lighting conditions via different skylights.

The room distribution respected most of the original 1934 configuration and the work focused on recovering the flooring throughout the apartment, except in the bathrooms. The original ironwork was also restored and the outside windows replaced with thermo-panels.

The general aim was to spark a dialogue between the original and the contemporary, boosting the heritage value of one of the first modern buildings in Chile.

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