10 Vertical Garden Design Ideas

breezeway to the garage, but this section comprises the master bedroom. Above the garage, in what appears to be a caretaker’s room, is a painter’s studio and storage.

In the sitting room, the row of paned glass windows captures the views in a panorama. With the furnishings clustered in a conversation grouping near the stove the room feels cozy, but at the same time the height of the room adds a sense of being open and unconfined. The Whidbey Island architect who designed the cottage is known for capturing the utmost in natural light, and here he vaulted the ceiling to the rafters. A horizontal board continues the line of the upper window frames and lowers the scale of the room to compensate for the high ceiling.

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Walking down the pathway from the front door one can soak in a view of where the beach curves inland from the point.

The kitchen is opposite the sitting room, and the kitchen island serves to separate the spaces. The decor continues the same color scheme of white with splashes of blue, and the same tone of wood used on the floor repeats on the tops of the island and counters. Pendants light the work surfaces and hang to the height of the horizontal elements in the room. The shell sconces continue from the sitting room to the kitchen to connect the spaces as a whole.

Built-in benches flank the long pedestal table with windows enclosing it on three sides. A chandelier dresses it up a bit.

The kitchen has 1930s-era charm because of the detailing in the woodwork and the open shelves. The appliances by Heartland, while new, are vintage in their appearance and scaled just right.

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