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The National Building Regulations are a set of regulations appended to the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977) as amended. These regulations are applicable to all buildings erected anywhere in South Africa, and were promulgated to prevent various local authorities from announcing their own set of building regulations.

Although the National Building Regulations are perceived by many as being extremely confusing and involved, this is really not the case. They comprise two mainstream regulation types, namely functional regulations and deemed-to-satisfy rules.

In its simplest interpretation, the functional regulations simply state that every building must be suited for its intended purpose!

To achieve this simple requirement, any building is regarded as compliant with these regulations if a competent and suitably qualifed person has performed a rational design. Therefore an owner can do whatever he/she wishes to do, as long as all the decisions are based on a rational design. This is done to encourage innovative designs and the use of innovative building materials.

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Because not all designers may be interested in implementing innovative methods and/or materials, and because such methods and materials may not always be practical or economical, the act provides for a complete set of deemed-to-satisfy rules, by means of which any part of any building may be judged for compliance to the regulations. In the House-building guide section (page 13), frequent reference is made to the relevant deemed-to-satisfy rules of the National Building Regulations.

Customers of inhouseplans may rest assured that all building plans sold on the inhouseplans website fully comply with the relevant National Building Regulations. Because these regulations are national, they are applicable to every local authority in South Africa, ensuring that all local authorities in South Africa will accept all building plans available from inhouseplans.

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