12 Small Pools for Small Backyards

Although a spacious backyard used to be a prerequisite for a pool, that’s no longer the case, with pool companies, architects, landscape designers and clients eagerly embracing the concept of plunge pools. Furthermore, because of their small surface area requiring fewer materials, a plunge pool provides a great opportunity for homeowners to splurge and get creative with better-quality products. Here are some of our favourite attention-grabbing plunge pools. “What I really love about this project is the challenge to get the design right,” says John Storch of A Total Concept.

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“Everything must be perfect. Large spaces are forgiving on poor design, but small-space design must be 100 per cent correct.” The space available would only allow for a 2m x 4.5m plunge pool. The client wanted to be able to exercise and this was fulfilled by the provision of an integrated swim jet system. John developed further uses for the pool by incorporating entertaining benches within the pool plus spa jets, spa blower and heater. This allows the plunge pool to double as a heated spa in winter for relaxing and entertaining. The depth of the pool is 1500mm throughout, which maximises its usability. Pool and landscape designed by A Total Concept This space was designed and built to provide the privacy, entertainment and functionality the homeowners desperately required at their inner-city Enmore residence.

The wellexecuted outdoor space not only offers room for wining, dining and swimming, but also provides practical hidden built-in storage for the pool equipment, dryer and bins, plus a secure parking space for the resident’s car. To maximise the tight space, it was decided the pool would sit right on the boundary, with the rendered blockwork rising out of the pool as the boundary barrier. Pool built by GOODMANORS Pool + Garden The property’s small space needed to be utilised, but function and style were also top priorities. The site was just 8.1m x 4.8m, however landscape architect Steve Taylor at COS Design worked with Laguna Pools to achieve a 3m x 2.5m pool. The wet edge with pebble-filled spillway and Bisazza black and Le Gemme-blend glass mosaics create a stunning visual experience from inside the home, especially at night. Incorporating a mix of exquisite materials and clever design, this inviting plunge pool and spa utilises the limited available space in the most stylish and sophisticated way possible. Pool built by Laguna Pools. Designed by Steve Taylor at COS Design.

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