130 Majestic Oak Trees Inspired This Sleek Beverly Hills Home

Outdoor, Trees, Grass, Large Pools, Tubs, Shower, Back Yard, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, and Shrubs The oak trees, along with the topography of the site, inspired the design of the modern house.

Photo Tags: outdoor, trees, grass, large pools, tubs, showers, back yard, large patio, porch, deck, shrubs

The Carusos’ home is a time capsule that beckons visitors to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Rooms are appointed with thoughtfully curated Early American collections, such as coverlets, samplers, wood bowls, pottery, toys and books. Michelle describes the serenity best, saying, We feel honored to have been able to acquire pieces just like this for our home. Our only wish is that pieces could tell us their storyf.

Photo Tags: outdoor, shrubs, grass, large pools, tubs, showers, trees, back yard, large patio, porch, deck

Outdoor, Trees, Back Yard, Shrubs, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, Large Pools, Tubs, Shower, and Grass A smaller section of the house was placed alongside the pool as a pavilion. "It was important on this site to make it feel like nature was coming first, and the house second," says the firm's founder, Noah Walker, who thinks of design as a spiraling process. "In this case, the initial concept was strong, so the design was more a case of a series of progressive refinements."

Photo Tags: outdoor, trees, back yard, shrubs, large patio, porch, deck, large pools, tubs, showers, grass

Far left: The framed sampler, well-loved cloth doll, leather-bound books, wallpaper-covered boxes and wood bowl in this living room grouping are among the Carusos’ favorite collectibles.

Left: In this sitting room display, a small ship painting from Massachusetts, leather-bound books, a small wallpaper-covered box and a treen vessel pay homage to Michelle’s New England roots.

The bookcase beside the living room fireplace houses antique Massachusetts law books. Other Northern antiques helping to turn back time in the vignette include an early-style wig and wig stand and a wood music stand, music sheets and a violin.

Outdoor, Slope, Trees, Back Yard, Shrubs, Rooftop, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, and Grass Constructed predominantly with structural concrete, the house can safely accommodate long, column-free spans and larger cantilevers, allowing it to visually integrate with the land.

Photo Tags: outdoor, slope, trees, back yard, shrubs, rooftop, large patio, porch, deck, grass

Outdoor, Walkways, Shrubs, Trees, Side Yard, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, and Grass A 75-foot-long infinity pool slips beneath one of the largest oaks on the property.

Photo Tags: outdoor, walkways, shrubs, trees, side yard, large patio, porch, deck, grass

Dining Room, Pendant Lighting, Chair, Two-Sided Fireplace, Recessed Lighting, and Table On top of the design, Walker Workshop also oversaw the construction of the house, which took two years to complete.

Photo Tags: dining room, pendant lighting, chair, two-sided fireplace, recessed lighting, table

Dining Room, Pendant Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Table, and Chair Custom walnut panels by GL Veneer have been incorporated in the dining room.

Photo Tags: dining room, pendant lighting, recessed lighting, table, chair

Doors, Metal, Swing Door Type, and Exterior "Given the natural beauty of the site, I understood that it would be important to make the relatively large house as diminutive as possible," explains Walker. "To achieve this, I placed two-thirds of the program below grade, and much of it under a vegetated roof. Because the house is sited on a ridge, the lower level was still able to have commanding views and vistas from nearly every window."

Photo Tags: doors, metal, swing door type, exterior

Kitchen, Marble Counter, Wood Cabinet, Undermount Sink, and Wall Oven The kitchen features a pizza oven by Mugnaini.

Photo Tags: kitchen, marble counters, wood cabinets, undermount sinks, wall oven

Kitchen, Undermount Sink, Recessed Lighting, Wood Cabinet, and Marble Counter In the kitchen, a large window presents unobstructed canyon views.

Photo Tags: kitchen, undermount sinks, recessed lighting, wood cabinets, marble counters

Staircase, Glass Railing, Wood Tread, and Wood Railing A staircase leads up from the bedroom on the lower level to the living areas on the upper floor.

Photo Tags: staircase, glass railing, wood tread, wood railing

Outdoor, Shrubs, Grass, and Rooftop A courtyard on the lower level brings sunlight into the subterranean corridor where the bedrooms are located.   

Photo Tags: outdoor, shrubs, grass, rooftop

Hallway and Medium Hardwood Floor One of the last elements included was the interior courtyard, which was conceived as a solution to bring more light and nature to the private, underground program. The enclosed nature of this space provides a beautiful contrast to the open and expansive views above ground.

Photo Tags: hallway, medium hardwood floors

Living Room and Medium Hardwood Floor A skylit wine cellar.

Photo Tags: living room, medium hardwood floors

Bedroom, Rug Floor, Night Stands, Medium Hardwood Floor, Recessed Lighting, and Bed Walnut was used for the flooring on the lower bedroom level.

Photo Tags: bedroom, rug floors, night stands, medium hardwood floors, recessed lighting, bed

Outdoor, Slope, Large Pools, Tubs, Shower, Shrubs, Trees, Back Yard, Small Patio, Porch, Deck, and Grass Limestone floors were used for the common areas on the upper level.

Photo Tags: outdoor, slope, large pools, tubs, showers, shrubs, trees, back yard, small patio, porch, deck, grass

Outdoor, Infinity Pools, Tubs, Shower, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, Rooftop, Shrubs, and Trees The lap pool has infinity edges on three of its four sides.

Photo Tags: outdoor, infinity pools, tubs, showers, large patio, porch, deck, rooftop, shrubs, trees

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