17 Best Ideas For Modern Living Room Curtains

17 Best Ideas For Modern Living Room Curtains

Unlined curtains

Cotton muslin curtains, either plain or delicately aged in coffee or tea, look light and fresh, but still have enough body to conceal the blackness of night. Their airy pallor has the additional charm of movement -they blow in the slightest breeze in a romantic and sensuous way and look best when they are generously gathered. For more formality, they can be edged with binding. Fine, slightly uneven Indian cotton has a beautiful freshness, and if you can find it in blue and white stripes, your windows will have the cheering brightness of blue skies and seaside sunshine.

Fine embroidered cotton sheets, past their youthful robustness, will make very crisp and summery curtains, if they are boiled to snowy whiteness, starched very slightly, and then, with the decorative edge folded over at the top to show it off, gathered and hung by curtain rings from a pole. Unlined, crisply bordered patchwork curtains glow brilliantly when the sun shines through them, and the delicate tracery of toile de jouy, with its scenic pattern on cotton or linen, is a perfect summer material.

Simple, unsophisticated fabrics look most comfortable when they are unpretentiously gathered and hung from a wooden or bamboo pole on hooks through the narrowest and most inconspicuous of curtain tapes. Better still, you can use narrow ribbon threaded through slots in a double-stitched hem and attached to the pole with old-fashioned rings.

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