2019 Home Decoration Trends


These days, exposed brick walls and homely fireplaces are not only super trendy, but they are extremely appealing features for buyers. In fact, rustic-style homes are starting to edge out the uber-modern ones. * TOP TIP Everybody loves an open fire or a wood burner. It’s a hugely popular feature in any room. Plus, they’re usually rather simple to install and are a big win in terms of cost versus benefit!

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Keep your accessories neutral and in co-ordinating colours – you don’t want anything too garish or quirky if your home is going to appeal to all prospective buyers Solid brass numbers, from R45 each, Builder’s Warehouse If you’re going to spend money on just one room, make it the kitchen – it’s the centre of the home for most people. Think lots of workspace, plenty of storage, a decent oven and stove, and don’t forget the appeal of an island. Don’t underestimate the power of a lick of paint – buyers can be put off if they can’t imagine themselves in your home, and that often comes down to unpalatable colour choices. Re-doing the walls in a neutral colour is one of the easiest updates you can make.


Another instant update for improving the look your home? a win. Poor DIY, on the other hand, can devalue a property, so it’s often best to bite the bullet and pay to get an expert in.


First impressions speak volumes, right down to the front door itself. A fresh colour, a new doorknob or house number, or even a complete replacement might be in order. Make sure access to your door is tidy, welcoming and uncluttered. TOP TIP The front of a house seen. Be it a friend or prospective buyer, that one glance is what  impression of your home.


Make sure you’re showing off your home in its best light – literally! Replace all of those dead bulbs with shiny new ones, and clean sparkling. Hang unfussy mirrors to optically increase space, and keep curtains and blinds open during viewings to allow as much light to stream in as possible.


A little cottage, staff quarters, extra-large garage or even a storage cupboard under the stairs (hey, Harry Potter lived in one!) can add additional value to the price of your property if used and showcased correctly. If you have any of the above and it’s simply been collecting dust over the years, it might be time to do a little spring cleaning in order to show off its full potential.


When it comes to potential buyers, the more versatile your extra space can be, the better. Everyone has different lifestyles and needs, so you want a prospective buyer to be able to envisage how the space could work for them. Could Does the garage have space for a work.

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