21 Year Old Converts Van To Beautiful Home On Wheels

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking an old van and converting it into a home But I may be a little bit afraid about what the reality of life on the road would be like then this next story is for you we’ve traveled to Olympia and Washington to meet an Exceptional young woman who has done a brilliant job in building a beautiful home on wheels Hi, Milla. Hi. So lovely to meet you. Nice to meet you aswell. And thank you for showing me around your van this located real prism. This is buffy the vans name I transitioned into living in this band as a means of getting a boat because that’s the ultimate Dream but I actually fell in love with the sin ha ha ha I Was living a little ways out of town? And I’d never under vehicle before so I just I started looking on Craigslist and I found this man I ended up getting it for 600, but I saw the pictures of it.

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It was like this beautiful blue kind of beat-up van and I was like okay, and It was a lot of time and energy putting work into it. I opened the door up one day after now I’m looking at it for three months and the whole thing was molded, and it was like well I have to strip everything out if I even want to sell it but once everything was stripped out and it was clean I realized how much space was in it, and that’s Where I was like, oh, wow I could live it here. You should come inside and check The woodwork in here is absolutely lovely isn’t it yeah? Thank you. This is my partner’s and my project worked on it for like two months Maybe it definitely makes us then feel like a home when it’s actually surrounded wooden. Wood like this doesn’t it yeah, I? Decided to burn it because it gives a warm feel and then my partner Helped me design all of this We just went with it and kind of went was a boat seemed like tried to curve the sides of it Like a ship which was all difficult it took a lot of tries to get like all of the exact sizing for like shaping dimensional wood to the curves of a van and Yeah, it’s definitely homey to me. What was it like actually doing up the van and converting it into a home? So we spent a long time just like drawing out different designs for it figuring out. What would make sense in the space talks to My partner about my dreams of building it and I was in a really lucky position he’s a carpenter and he Said that he was down to help me design it and build it and I was like okay And I want to learn so like I’m just going to watch you do everything and like teach me and give me jobs and so I would just like cut things on the marks he had made and I did one little piece myself But the rest I was given a lot of direction How did you get it out to make it suitable for full-time living there are a lot of systems in here that I’m really happy With and so this whole van can be a bed pretty much it pulls out to here my food storage Crate is Also, the shelf that holds the bed up when it extends and this table here Functions also to hold in all of my thinking’s that are on the shelves underneath it It’s actually it amazes me what I’ve been able to fit in here My whole life fits in here right now, and that took a lot of narrowing down like I think right now We’ve got the best system that could have happened in here like I’m happy with it And I’m comfortable so how long have you actually been living in here now I’ve been living in here since like made march.

Yeah, what about three months, and how are you actually finding it? What was the transition into actually living in the space like I didn’t realize how stoked I was going to be to live in the van it started as like a Okay, I’m going to live in here I don’t know how much I’m going to like it it might be just really hard and like I’m just going to do this to save money to get a boat then I ended up like from the first night loving it so much a Lot of people who are considering van life are? A little bit freaked out about the idea of how difficult it might be to find parking spaces or – to go at night How have you found that living in the bed? It’s not difficult in a van like this because it’s it’s so stealthy, but yeah, it’s opened up cool Friendships with other people who I’ve been like oh you you’re living in your vehicle – okay Let’s share places like where do you park? This is where I park and sometimes people are like well next to this forest there a spot, or like like marinas I always tell people check out the marinas what about the practical elements of living in the ven like cooking and bathroom and all that sort of thing for cooking I have a little backpacker stove the screws on two propane tanks that I Really like it’s small And I just open up the windows and stuff in here and crack a door and make sure everything’s ventilated and then That stove is nice, and it packs away really small. I luckily I have enough friends and Resources for showers that I can like space out my showers and pick different People’s houses to go and shower at as soon as I told everyone I was moving into my van Most all of my friends whether they were like appalled or excited that I was moving into a van We’re like come park at my house use my shower Use my kitchen like and I actually really like cooking in the van But it’s nice to have a good community of good friends who want to support me, but other places there and us like 24-hour restrooms to go that I just I have like a mental map of all of my bathrooms and of all of my like laundry Places and my showers, and it feels like I live all over ten I mean I do I guess I was oliver Joe What about the cost of this project how much did this actually cost to realize the van itself? I got four really cheap And then I’ve put a lot of money into it since then the wooden part like all of the house part of the van was pretty cheap the only thing that I spent money on really was all of the wooden paneling which was $200 there shiplap pine boards for other people who are considering this way of life What kind of advice would you have some time if you want to do it? Don’t get scared out of it by little things because It’s been Surprisingly easy, I have known that. I wanted to live on a boat and be a Sailor since I was a little kid what I kept saying was like yeah I’m going to live on a sailboat by the time I’m 30 and I’m 21 right now, and I was like why am I waiting that such a ways away? I could I could do that right now. I just have to like start working towards it little steps and then Those little steps when you’re working Towards your like big dreams those little steps can be just as much as dreams, and that’s like what I found in this man I think you have done such a great job and taking this old Kind of beat up then and turning it into a lovely and welcoming home Congratulations on a great place here There really is nothing like having the ability to take your home with you wherever you go? And in that respect of then really is the perfect tiny house on wheels When it comes to mila and her dream of wanting to live on a yacht one day This is also the perfect transition right now though sitting behind the steering wheel Makes me pretty ready for an adventure myself you.

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