36 Stunning Before and After Modern Home Renovations

Before: The garage’s condition was such that only its concrete walls and beams could be salvaged. It would take five years to transform the 9,000-square-foot, two-level structure.

Michelle grew up in Easton, Massachusetts, and her style aesthetic is rooted in New England’s Colonial heritage. Bob is a native of Queens, New York and Michelle cultivated his affinity for antiques with a distinct Northern accent. Searching for prim furniture and accessories ranks among their favorite pastimes. Early on, I fell in love with New England architecture, Michelle says. It just makes my heart skip a beat I have always felt at home with this style; it gives me a sense of inner peace. So, when my husband and I made our house a home, we started the journey of picking pieces together that meant something to both of us.

36 Stunning Before and After Modern Home Renovations Photo Gallery

Dining Room, Storage, Chair, Table, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Track Lighting After: The lengthy timeline suited the couple’s deliberate way of working. "The fact that it took so long made it easier," says Michael. "Making all the design decisions at once would have driven us crazy." Wood beams and concrete walls emerge from cutaways in the drywall, revealing the building’s industrial skeleton. 

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Relocating to North Carolina provided Michelle with anotherperk. In addition to working as a business consultant, she pursues her dream of running an online antiques business located at www. picturetrail.com/oldeprimitivebarn.

Before: The lime-green office required a new paint job and a complete redesign of its layout to better accommodate the master bath next door.


Whether she is busy decorating her home with Bob or helping others hunt for treasures, she says, Our decorating philosophy has always been to buypieces that speak to us. We buy pieces we are naturally drawn to, the ones that make you squeal on the inside like a child.

Kitchen, Wood Cabinet, Marble Counter, Pendant Lighting, Range, Range Hood, Refrigerator, Light Hardwood Floor, Vessel Sink, Undermount Sink, Brick Backsplashe, Open Cabinet, and Colorful Cabinet After: In an effort to keep costs within budget without sacrificing looks, the fully gutted and renovated kitchen features IKEA cabinetry framework with shaker-style fronts by Semihandmade. The cabinets were painted Farrow & Ball Pigeon.

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Pieces that bring a sense of peace as if they have been in your family for years. Pieces that feed your soul and bring a smile to your face. She adds, Play with furnishings, enjoy, have fun. Look to magazines for inspiration. Don’t equate price tags to quality. Most importantly, don’t follow fashion. Your home should reflect your personal style.

Before: They replaced all the old windows, and increased transparency and light penetration with a new, glazed entrance door.

Living Room, Bookcase, Painted Wood Floor, Wall Lighting, Sofa, and Corner Fireplace After: No longer segmented, the main living area of the apartment unites the kitchen and dining alcove as well.  

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Before: A look at the original 1970s cabin as viewed from the lower east portion of the property. Much work was needed to tidy up the hillside site.

Exterior, Cabin Building Type, and House Building Type After: The exteriors of the two structures, the updated cabin, and the "modern box" addition were tied together with a standing seam metal facade. This helped give the connected complex a contemporary, industrial-inspired vibe.

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Before: A look at the original exterior of the home. The volume on the far right with the chimney is the only original portion of the house that was kept. The rest of the home was treated to a ground-up renovation.

Exterior, Concrete Siding Material, Wood Siding Material, Beach House Building Type, House Building Type, and Flat RoofLine After: The boxy, contemporary new facade was completely restructured.

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Before: The wood paneling and dark colors made the living space feel small and cramped.

Living Room, Sofa, Chair, Wall Lighting, Gas Burning Fireplace, Rug Floor, Ceiling Lighting, and Medium Hardwood Floor After: The couple added all new furniture, from the sofas and chairs to the lighting fixtures and curtains. To stay within budget, the larger furniture finds were either gifted, or purchased at secondhand stores.  

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Photo Tags: kitchen, recessed lighting, range hood, wall oven, open cabinets, wood cabinets, colorful cabinets, range, woodcounters, metal counters, metal backsplashes

Kitchen, Rug Floor, Range, Wood Cabinet, Refrigerator, Range Hood, Open Cabinet, Metal Counter, and Track Lighting Before: The original layout of the kitchen had an exposed entryway, not enough storage, and was not ideal for its owners’ lifestyle.

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Before: The kitchen before the renovation. The cabin retreat was meant to be a private sanctuary for making music while enclosed by nature.

Kitchen, White Cabinet, Medium Hardwood Floor, Cooktops, and Laminate Counter After: The orientation of the kitchen work areas were changed, so sunlight from the slanting windows better illuminates the cooking station.

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Hallway Before: The dark original layout of the Barcelona apartment.

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Storage Room and Cabinet Storage Type After: In the renovated entryway, light is provided by a minimalist glass globe, built-in within the unit, and through another niche that peeks into the living room.

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Before: The interiors of the family home before before the renovation.

Living Room, Bench, End Tables, Concrete Floor, and Coffee Tables After: A simple material palette of brick, concrete, tiles, and wood gives the home a warm, contemporary atmosphere. 

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Before: The outdated trailer featured old carpeting and its share of layout problems.

Bedroom, Bed, Rug Floor, Dark Hardwood Floor, and Chair After: Every inch of the trailer maximizes its storage space. To make their home feel larger, the couple opted for white walls and a minimal color palette. 

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Before: A view of the dining room area from the living room before the renovations. Drywall covers the fireplace and a built-in bookcase is at the rear.

Dining Room, Table, Corner Fireplace, Chair, Pendant Lighting, Storage, Rug Floor, and Bar After: As you can see above, the original brick of the fireplace is now exposed, highlighting the warmth of the cedar ceilings. The dining room connects the living room/kitchen and overlooks the terrace, giving the home a strong sense of the outdoors. 

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Living Room Before: The house was a Parisian pied-à-terre before its renovation in 2014.

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Kitchen, Light Hardwood Floor, Drop In Sink, Wood Cabinet, White Cabinet, Wall Oven, Wood Counter, and Pendant Lighting After: Windows and skylights from the eastern façade bring in an abundance of light throughout the day.

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Before: The decrepit space that would become the residence.

Living Room, Concrete Floor, Chair, Bar, Floor Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Stools, Sectional, and Coffee Tables After: The home features an open plan, and the kitchen, dining area, and living room all share the same space. Thanks to the insertion of the center courtyard, this unit feels bright and airy. 

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Before: The original bathroom layout was extremely small and compact, housing a dated feel. 

Bath Room, Subway Tile Wall, Open Shower, Ceramic Tile Floor, Drop In Tub, Ceiling Lighting, Wood Counter, Corner Shower, and Vessel Sink After: Bertolini used cedar planks from Lowe's and stained them to match the vanity and other wood elements in the renovated bathroom.

Photo Tags: bath room, subway tile walls, open showers, ceramic tile floors, drop in tubs, ceiling lighting, wood counters, cornershowers, vessel sinks

Before: The biggest architectural maneuver in the renovation was moving the staircase to allow for a more spacious kitchen. In this view, you can see the little volume at the center that housed the refrigerator.

Living Room, Chair, Coffee Tables, Standard Layout Fireplace, Wood Burning Fireplace, Medium Hardwood Floor, Shelves, Pendant Lighting, and Rug Floor After: The entire renovated parlor floor now serves as an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area.

Photo Tags: living room, chair, coffee tables, standard layout fireplace, wood burning fireplace, medium hardwood floors, shelves, pendant lighting, rug floors

Before: To ensure the midcentury elements within the home were preserved, the team carefully restored the finishes and flow of the property, while also reworking some of the space.

Kitchen, Medium Hardwood Floor, Wood Counter, Refrigerator, Cooktops, Wood Cabinet, Wall Oven, Pendant Lighting, Open Cabinet, and Drop In Sink After: The modern renovated kitchen now looks out to the big, open deck which houses expansive tree views.

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Dining Room Before: The original dining room was painted red, so Goldman toned it down with a creamy white, then added unique artwork to the plate rail.

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Dining Room, Chair, Storage, Table, Rug Floor, Medium Hardwood Floor, Shelves, and Pendant Lighting After: Every room received refinished hardwood floors, and resurfaced walls. New furnishings and refreshed bookcases were added to the dining room.

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Kitchen Before: Originally, the 1980s-style kitchen had country oak cabinets and dated finishes, and the layout wasn’t functional. Tight corners make it hard to navigate, and the small island did not encourage frequent use.

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Kitchen, Porcelain Tile Backsplashe, Wood Cabinet, Engineered Quartz Counter, Light Hardwood Floor, Refrigerator, Track Lighting, Cooktops, Dishwasher, Range Hood, Undermount Sink, and Pendant Lighting After: The clients wanted an improved flow, ample space to cook and bake, and updated materials and appliances, so Case Design added a new island with a hood for better circulation, ample seating and counter space, two-toned cabinetry, and a colorful backsplash.

Photo Tags: kitchen, porcelain tile backsplashes, wood cabinets, engineered quartz counters, lighthardwood floors, refrigerator, track lighting, cooktops, dishwasher, range hood, undermount sinks, pendant lighting

Kitchen Before: The kitchen before the renovation was a cramped, off-putting space. Case Design replaced the wall between the dining room and the kitchen with a recessed beam to create a more open floor plan.

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Kitchen, Ceramic Tile Floor, Quartzite Counter, Ceiling Lighting, Subway Tile Backsplashe, Range Hood, Range, and White Cabinet After: To maintain the home’s classic style and vintage design, the team selected new Encaustic cement floor tiles in black, white, and grey. New, low-maintenance, marble-effect quartz countertops were chosen to give the kitchen a vintage look.

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Before: As you can see, the layout of the compact kitchen space before the renovation was extremely restricting.

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Living Room and Pendant Lighting Before: This classic Japanese room would receive a thoughtful renovation.

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Living Room, Sofa, Coffee Tables, Medium Hardwood Floor, Rug Floor, Pendant Lighting, and Concrete Floor After: Staying true to the aesthetics of traditional, Japanese rural homes, architect Sumiou Mizumoto stuck with simple color and material choices. White and wood elements dominate pure, streamlined spaces.

Photo Tags: living room, sofa, coffee tables, medium hardwood floors, rug floors, pendant lighting, concrete floors

Before: A Jack-and-Jill bathroom with worn fixtures and finishes was tweaked so that it solely connects to the principal bedroom and forms a private suite.

Bath Room, Undermount Sink, Undermount Tub, Ceramic Tile Wall, and Open Shower After: In the shower, handmade Bubble Hex tile from the Futura collection at the Portland–based company Clayhaus Tile makes a stunning statement.

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Dining Room, Chair, Pendant Lighting, Table, and Medium Hardwood Floor Before: Here is the dining room before the renovation.

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Kitchen, Wood Cabinet, Wall Oven, Range Hood, Laminate Counter, Subway Tile Backsplashe, Range, Pendant Lighting, and Undermount Sink After: Along with a simple, clean look, the couple also wanted a space that would withstand frequent usage by their kids and puppy. The team replaced all the cabinetry and fixtures, and located the kitchen sink directly in front of a large window. 

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Before: Flashy silver brick, bright red accents, and a black utilitarian floor obscure the loft's better qualities: high ceilings and exposed wood beams.

Living Room, Coffee Tables, Light Hardwood Floor, Pendant Lighting, Sofa, Standard Layout Fireplace, Wood Burning Fireplace, and Shelves After: In the living room, the team raised the firebox, cladded the hearth in a tactile plaster finish, and installed a floating limestone bench that wraps the column. The wood beams and red brick were scraped and stripped many times to remove the silver paint and reclaim a natural state.

Photo Tags: living room, coffee tables, light hardwood floors, pendant lighting, sofa, standard layout fireplace, wood burningfireplace, shelves

Before: The staircase in the Brooklyn row house was crumbling.

Staircase and Wood Tread After: White oak treads and a painted steel handrail make up the home's signature staircase.

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Before: The flat, low ceilings in the living areas severely compromised the views.

Living Room, Floor Lighting, Chair, Sofa, Light Hardwood Floor, Rug Floor, Ottomans, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Recliner, and Lamps After: The vaulted ceiling adds an expansive airy feel that the original home lacked. Now, the wall of windows perfectly frames the gorgeous overlook.

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Before: In addition to its small windows, the dwelling also had a cramped and confusing layout.

Living Room, Chair, Pendant Lighting, Sofa, Recessed Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, End Tables, and Rug Floor After: To give the interior a more open and spacious feel, the team exposed the ceiling beams.

Photo Tags: living room, chair, pendant lighting, sofa, recessed lighting, medium hardwood floors, end tables, rug floors

Before: A pergola tacked onto the rear facade darkened the home's interior, and the indoor/outdoor connection was disjointed. A dated brick pattern lay underneath.

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Living Room, Sofa, Medium Hardwood Floor, Wall Lighting, and Ceiling Lighting After: Sliding walls wallpapered with Pimpernell by William Morris separate the bathroom from the lounge/sleeping space in the renovated Airstream.

Photo Tags: living room, sofa, medium hardwood floors, wall lighting, ceiling lighting

Before: Inside, the old brick walls were kept intact and painted gray in certain sections.

Living Room, Dark Hardwood Floor, Ottomans, Sectional, and Sofa After: A closer look at the living lounge below. Per the owners' request, the Austrian parquet floors were kept intact and beautifully restored.

Photo Tags: living room, dark hardwood floors, ottomans, sectional, sofa

Kitchen, White Cabinet, Wall Oven, Range Hood, Cooktops, and Refrigerator Before: The original kitchen lacked personality.

Photo Tags: kitchen, white cabinets, wall oven, range hood, cooktops, refrigerator

Kitchen, Dark Hardwood Floor, Wood Counter, Drop In Sink, White Cabinet, and Subway Tile Backsplashe After: The renovated kitchen is perfect for entertaining.

Photo Tags: kitchen, dark hardwood floors, wood counters, drop in sinks, white cabinets, subway tile backsplashes

Before: A look at the old floors, which have been stripped and replaced with wood and concrete.

Living Room, End Tables, Medium Hardwood Floor, Sofa, Track Lighting, and Coffee Tables After: The optimized layout includes an open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen, along with three bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.

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Before: The camper's interiors appeared extremely cramped and dated.

Kitchen, Wood Cabinet, Range, Medium Hardwood Floor, Wood Counter, Range Hood, and Ceiling Lighting After: The RV's kitchen now boasts freshly painted cabinetry and butcher-block countertops, both of which have been sourced from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Photo Tags: kitchen, wood cabinets, range, medium hardwood floors, wood counters, range hood, ceiling lighting


Before: As you can see, the kitchen before the remodel was dark and narrow.

Kitchen, Wood Cabinet, Range, Marble Counter, White Cabinet, Marble Backsplashe, Refrigerator, Pendant Lighting, Range Hood, and Concrete Floor After: Now, the kitchen is bright, open, and totally transformed.

Photo Tags: kitchen, wood cabinets, range, marble counters, white cabinets, marble backsplashes, refrigerator, pendant lighting, range hood, concrete floors


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