5 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

The attic may often be an underutilised space but that doesn’t mean that it ought to be left neglected. Homeowners Jayden and Kate Jap felt that more could be done with the top floor of their abode—so they decided to give their attic a brand new look, by converting it into a multi-functional bedroom suite. The couple entrusted the difficult task of transforming the semi-detached home’s attic area to In-Expat x Upstairs_, an all-in-one building and design consultancy.

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Creative director Dennis Cheok studied the existing attic layout— comprising two bedrooms, a family room and a common bathroom—and proposed to convert the entire floor into an open and seamless space. “The idea was to create a larger bedroom conceived as a one-bedroom suite, complete with a lounge, walk-in wardrobe, ensuite bathroom, study alcove and outdoor terrace that would surround the main sleeping area,” says Cheok. Of utmost importance was a space that complemented the couple’s lifestyle and needs.


The Indonesian-Chinese couple had very specific requirements in their brief. For instance, they wanted the television console to be concealed when not in use, with the audio equipment neatly integrated. They also requested a dresser counter with adequate lighting that could also incorporate storage, as well as a credenza for handbags to be displayed only when desired. “We embraced the challenge and took this as an opportunity to assimilate these functions in an interesting, shape-shifting manner,” explains Cheok. “In essence, almost every surface within the interior has been customised to perform an integrated and concealed function.”

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