5 Best Wall Decor Ideas – How to Decorate a Large Wall

This month we’re dreaming about adorning our walls, shopping for accent pieces inspired by nature and investing in bespoke bedding.


Picking out paint colours? If you’re leaning towards something soft and rosy, you’re bang on trend. Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2018 is called Pictured Rocks: a warm, subtle shade of grown-up pink. ‘Colour plays a significant role in addressing the balance between outside clamour and inner calm,’ says Dulux Colour Consultant Palesa Ramaisa. ‘We lead busy lives and sometimes we just need to pause, relax and recharge, and our homes need to provide that environment for us. Our 2018 Colour of the Year truly captures the mood of the moment.’

5 Best Wall Decor Ideas – How to Decorate a Large Wall Photo Gallery

Mono Shop’s new range of bedding caught our eye immediately – for a very simple reason. As you may have gathered from the name, they generally stick to a very Scandinavian-inspired colour palette: we’re talking mainly black, white, grey and some blonde wood furniture. But this set will fit right in with a minimalist décor aesthetic, says owner Petro Vivier. ‘The colour of this duvet set falls somewhere between light pink and peach, which is why we love it so much with white and birch plywood,’ she writes. The playful pattern is printed by hand, so no two sets are exactly the same.

Hello, statement wall! We’re smitten with this new range of marbled wallpaper designs from Cara Saven Wall Design. There are eight in all, featuring art deco patterning, pink, black and gold insets and hexagonal and square tiling effects.

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