5 Of The Best Winter Kitchen Buys

Now’s the time to tuck into hearty soups, slow-cooked stews, and lots of comfort food – and these brilliant buys will do most of the hard work for you

1. THE ALL-IN-ONE Instant Pot, R1 999; @home If you’re looking for one gadget to do it all this winter then look no further than the Instant Pot. It’s hard to believe that there are seven handy appliances packed into this compact six-litre device. Not only is it a slow cooker and steamer, it’s also a rice maker, sauté pan, food warmer and a pressure cooker. Oh, and did we mention it can also whip up a batch of yoghurt? It’ll save you on the electricity bills, too, as this to six times faster than conventional appliances. We’ll take one, please!

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3. THE ITALIAN COOK HUUDUL 0LQXWH OHFWULF Pizza Oven, R2 899; yuppiechef.com Forget takeaways that go soggy in the box, Friday pizza night has been taken up a culinary notch. The mini-electric oven heats to cook your pizza – that’s conveniently the length of an ad break in-between a series! It doubles up as kitchen eye candy (now you can say you own a Ferrari!) and also makes cakes, wraps and pies.

4. THE ENTERTAINER Mellerware Mongolian Fondue Hot Pot, R799; yuppiechef.com This throwback to the ’70s is a great investment if you’re wanting to entertain at home during the chilly season. The fondue pot, which doubles as a cooking pot, is electric-powered and gives you full control, thanks to the nifty adjustable temperature switch. The pot can take up to two litres; you just need to decide whether you’re in the mood for a cheese or oil fondue. This set comes with eight fondue forks and the pot detaches easily from the electrical component for speedy and easy cleaning.

5. THE COOK’S RIGHT HAND LG NeoChef Microwave, R2 699,99; Hirsch’s It’s almost dinner time and you forgot to take out the frozen chicken before you left for work this morning (sound familiar?). Never fear: LG’s NeoChef is up for the job and you’ll have evenly defrosted poultry in no time. Say goodbye to cold spots in last night’s macaroni or beef stew – LG’s Smart Inverter technology means food will be cooked evenly all the way through.

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